The basics of Prayering (Salaat)

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The basics of Prayering (Salaat) Empty The basics of Prayering (Salaat)

Post by Naliakbar on Tue Nov 20, 2007 6:31 am

Assalaam O Alikum,
First of Congratulations on being a new muslim. May Allah keep you on the path of truth, and may he protect you from the evils within yourself and all around you.

I have created a few videos on the basics of Salaat so the following links will take you to youtube where you can view the information on prayer. And i seek your forgiveness for any mistakes i made in creating this video. i also pray that allah increases our knowledge.

the following is the 6 part seriese i created:




Prformance of Salaat:

(i actually perform the salaat so that you can hear how it sounds)

Additional information on prayer:

Again ask that you forgive me for any mistakes i made in these video, and i pray that allah forgives me my mistakes.

Hope this was helpful in teaching you how to perform the prayer.



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