Poem: The Money You Call Precious

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Poem: The Money You Call Precious Empty Poem: The Money You Call Precious

Post by Jibrail on Mon May 19, 2008 2:03 pm

This is a poem that i created, i dont know if its a really good poem, to be honest, it took me 30 min or so.

My sister and some of my friends liked it, so i thought id just post it. I havent really finished it, well i might need to correct or change some words, but hey, go ahead and read it!

Money That You Call Precious!

Crucial for the evil and the hungry,
It is delicious and malicious,
Giving them pride, while others cried,
Essential for the poor to feed,
While others take with greed!

Greed and hunger,
Expanding like a thunder,
Causing fear and tear,
To those whom care.

Here without money,
Shouting for help,
Asking for shelter,
Asking for water,
Smaller it become the belly that rumbles,
Soon it crumbles and disappears,
Like burden that no one ever can bare.

The Innocent die everyday
The Evil lie every time,
The Killing water,
The Poisoning food,

No sign of Help,
From those who love money and power,
The one who lives in the great tower,
Still hungry for more,
While fresh water flows beneath their feet,
Acting as if itís merely important,
When itís dearly crucial,
To those who are clearly in need.

I want to help,
Give them a hand
Give them hope,
With all my power,
All my strength,
And all my knowledge,
Sharing my money,
My time,
And my knowledge,
If I am not here,
I will be there,
Ready to help,
Will you share and care?
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Poem: The Money You Call Precious Empty Re: Poem: The Money You Call Precious

Post by Bewwi on Thu Aug 14, 2008 9:42 am

OMGG!! Yes you did show this to me Jibrail and I think its LOVELYY!!

It makes sense and it just explains important parts of Islam clearly.!

Keep It Up! =)

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