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Post by Shifa on Thu May 15, 2008 3:44 am

Asalamualaikum wr wb,

The signs of a hypocrite (Munafiq)

The signs of a Munafiq are many. We have summarised the most important signs below, so that we can check ourselves and benefit by it.

You can identify a Munafiq by the following signs:

When he promises he will break it.

When he is entrusted with something he will betray.

Fajr and Isha prayer will be difficult for him.

When he talks he will lie.

When he argues he will abuse.

He creates fitnah (mischief) among brothers, he carries tales that break up relationships

He will try to bring innovations into Islam.

He will narrate his sins publicly without shame.

He will be noticing the misdeeds and faults of others while a believer tries to find excuses for others.

He will backbite his brother (Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his brother's corpse? - Quran 49:12)

He holds his brother in suspicion and spies on him.

He will publicise his brother's shame.

He will admonish his brother in public.

His heart is filled with pride (Whoever has an atom's weight of pride does not enter paradise). He will not listen to good advice from others.

He divides the Muslims into nationalities and races and takes pride in identifying with such divisions and does not recognise the Muslims as one single Ummah.

He is merciless towards other Muslims and praises the Kafirs.

He is quick to cut off relationship with fellow Muslims. (Reconciliation is better than prayer, Zakat or Hajj.)

He prefers the company of non-muslims and degrades the pious Muslims.

All of these bad characteristics can be wiped off by repentance (Thouba) if present in a believer.

Anyone who utters the Shahadah without commitment is A MUNAFIQ (Pretender). A KAFIR IS BETTER THAN A MUNAFIQ. Because you know the former is your enemy; but the latter pretends to be your brother.

During the lifetime of the Prophet (SAW) his enemies were the Jews, Christians, Kafirs and the Munafiqs. The Munafiqeens did the worst damage. Munafiqeens rose up in rebellion against Uthman (RA) and martyred him. Munafiqeens have always succeeded in becoming rulers because the true believers have shunned politics.

Should the true believers shun politics?

On forgiving, anger and brotherhood

The Prophet (SAW) said:

"If a man's brother apologises to him and he does not accept his excuse, he incurs a sin like that of the tax-collector*." - "The believer is slow to anger, quick to be content." - The prophet (SAW) did not describe a believer as not getting angry.

Likewise Allah (SWT) said:

"....and who contain their wrath." - (Quran 3:134)** - He did not say, "Who lose their wrath".

The Prophet (SAW) said:

"God has forbidden one believer to tamper with the blood, property or honour of another, or to hold a bad suspicion of him." - "Beware of suspicion, for suspicion is the most untruthful report, and suspicion leads to prying and spying." - "Do not spy and do not pry. Do not sever relationships and do not fall out, but serve God as brothers."

"If a man veils his brother's shame, God will veil him in this world and the Other."

The method of advising your brother

Al-Shaf'i (may God be pleased with him) said:

"To admonish your brother in private is to advise him and improve him. But to admonish him publicly is to disgrace and shame him."

The Balance

Al-Shafi'i (may God have mercy on him) said:

"There is not one Muslim who obeys God without ever transgressing against Him, nor is there one who transgresses against Him without ever obeying Him. If a man's obedience outweighs his transgressions, then he is righteous."


The importance of niyyath - any good deed done without the intention of pleasing Allah (SWT) alone will be wasted. If it is done for show or to get the praise of people it will not be counted as a good deed.

So, has this benefited you?

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