Whose World Is It Anyway?

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Whose World Is It Anyway? Empty Whose World Is It Anyway?

Post by Bewwi on Fri Apr 04, 2008 7:40 am

people are dying
the world is crying
but bush and blair don't care

they want their share
their soil and rigs are filling
while their soldiers are killing
and the world looks on as
they drop each bomb.

if live are cheap
why should we weep?

after all they get a
goodnights sleep
while children in pain
suffer in vain for one
man's personal gain.

the that question remains is

whose world is it anyway?
they speak of democracy
but practise hypocrisy
bush and blair,men of power

they want to rule this age and hour
we must stand together to win this fight
so that we may end the innocents plight
the people united will never be defeated

once again we ask
whose world is it anyway?
for judgement day
only truth will give way
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Good Poster!

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