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Islamic Terminologies (important) Empty Islamic Terminologies (important)

Post by Shifa on Tue Feb 12, 2008 7:49 am

Asalamualaikum wr wb

As received:

Please use the terminology as mentioned in below information.

1. Please always remember to use correct terminology and words in Islam
as Arabic words are very sensitive unlike English and other languages.

2. Never say Mosque - say " MASJID " The meaning of Mosque is

3. Never write Mecca - It means "House of wines" so, write "MAKKAH"

4. Don't write the name of Our Prophet (S.A.W) or your name In short as
"MOHD or MD." It means "The dog with big mouth" so write " MOHAMMAD"

5. The Holy Prophet (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam) said, Stop doing
everything during the Azaan (Call for prayer), even reading the Quran.
The person who talks during the Azaan will not be able to say the
Kalima E Shahadat on his/her death bed.

Scientist has proved that the sound which comes from heart beat is LUB

But now they analyze that it is RUB RUB. RUB is Arabic word and it
stands for the LORD who has created and owns everything in this
Universe, He is Most Merciful & beneficent ALLAH. So it means every
heart beat says ALLAH ALLAH.

Forward this important message to as many people as possible.

May ALLAH Subhanawataalah accept our deeds in spreading this mail and
all other genuine Islamic info rmation.

Knowledge Does Not Vanish Except When It Is Kept Secretly "To Oneself" Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him.)

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