Is Muhammad (SAW) a Prophet of God?

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Is Muhammad (SAW) a Prophet of God? Empty Is Muhammad (SAW) a Prophet of God?

Post by Naliakbar on Thu Dec 27, 2007 3:13 pm

This is an email i recently sent out to a christian friend of mine who was asking me to proove to him Muhammad (saw) is indeed a prophet of god, i hope you find this helpful in discussions in your near future.

You want to speak on is Muhammad a prophet of god, great lets talk with reguards to this, and I will also talk about the divinity of Jesus, which you seem to try to put as a non issue.
I believe that Muhammad is a prophet of god for many reasons, and I will list a few of them as we go along.

First things first, according to your bible in Mathew 7:15-20 there are many false prophets to come and that you should as a christian look out for them because there will be true prophets as well that is evident, or Jesus(as) would have said what muhammad(saw) said which is that there will be no prophets to come after him. In the past 2008 years outside of Muhammad has there been any other children of Abraham that claimed to be a prophet? To the best of my knowledge that answer is NO. So we are left to analyze the claim of Muhammad for as jesus said in John 16:12-14 when the spirit of truth comes he will guide you onto all truths. So I ask the question was there any truth that Muhammad guided us to?
We know:
- that from Muhammad's teachings prophets came to all nations, a fact that as a christian you deny
- about the formation of the world that can be determined by science
- about the value of mountains and seas
- about the formation of a baby in the mother's womb
- that it is not the mother but the father that determines the sex of the baby
- that the fingerprint is individualized for every man on earth
- that the law of moses (eye for eye) should be used with restraint and it would be better to follow jesus' (turn the other cheek) and by the situation we judge
- that there is rights to women
- there is rights to animals
- there is rights to the body we are loaned for this life
- we are not to fight in aggression but in deffense

Now the fruits are also important to look at:
Because of muhammad's teachings
there is a low alcoholic consumption in the muslim community
There is a high charity rate in muslims
There is respect for mankind (islam teaches killing an innoncent person is like killing all of mankind, I know you automatically think of my bin ladens but forget of your hitlers, and you will probably say hitler was not a christian like some of your counterparts, I hope you can accept the same argument from me about my bin ladens)
A muslim is always in worship of god, even before he goes to the bathroom he is thankful to god that god allows him to pass out what ever because we know ALL things comes from god.
Is islam we are encouraged to get married as soon as we have sexual urges so we don't commit illegal sex.
And there are more fruits but these are enough to show there is good fruit, and as jesus said, NO BAD TREE CAN BEAR GOOD FRUIT, so if muhammad is false then you need to come back and tell me that all these things I listed are bad fruit.

Now I know that you believe that John 16:12-14 is the holy spirit, (which is quite interesting because jesus said he had to go away for the spirit to come and this holy spirit was there even before his birth) but in either case, what new thing has this holy spirit taught christianity as a whole in the past 2008 years? And that is my question, and don't start with the individual changing etc, because people that convert to hinduism have the same kind of after effect, hanuman caused them to stop drinking and beatng their wives. So again so it is clear to you my question "WHAT NEW THING DID THE HOLY SPIRIT TEACH CHRISTIANS AS A WHOLE BECAUSE JESUS SAID HE HAD MANY THINGS TO TELL NOT JUST ONE?" Also where in your bible does Jesus say in plain words, I am no talking about verses taken out of context, but words in context please point me to the verse where it is clear that jesus is saying in context "I jesus am god" I can show you many places that Muhammad says he is a prophet of god.


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Is Muhammad (SAW) a Prophet of God? Empty Re: Is Muhammad (SAW) a Prophet of God?

Post by Jibrail on Sat Jan 05, 2008 8:35 am

Truely i really enjoyed reading this article/post, all of it! Very Happy

The Bin Laden and Hitler part was a bit funny, its totally true though, think about it.

If a "Black Man" kills another "White Man! IT SHOULD NOT MEAN ALL "BLACK MEN" GET THE BLAME AND BE ACCUSED FOR IT!!! Ya know, its just commen sense. Poeple who accuse this toward Islam/Muslims they have no knowledge whatsoever, because Allah does not teach terrorism in The Qur'an.
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