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My Two Angels Empty My Two Angels

Post by Bewwi on Mon Dec 24, 2007 1:04 pm

I have two angels that follow me
wherever I may go,
One of them is quick to write,
the other one is slow.
The one who is quick to write
is when I'm being good
the other doesn't like to write
even when he should!

The one who doesn't like to write
is when I am being bad
he wants to hear me say "I'm sorry"
to my mom and dad.
And when I say "I'm sorry Allah,
I won't do that again"
he rubs away my bad deed
marked against my name.

The one who is quick to write,
writes the good I try to do
even, when it doesn't work out right
he writes that one down too
so when I get to Paradise
waiting there for me
will be lots of lovely presents -
oh, how happy I will be!
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Good Poster!

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