Sam Learning for all kinds of subjects!

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Sam Learning for all kinds of subjects! Empty Sam Learning for all kinds of subjects!

Post by Bewwi on Fri Dec 07, 2007 12:44 pm

This website is good for your learning.
You can learn a lot using this website. There are all subjects you can revise on.
You can log in but i don't think its necessary.
How you login~
Centre ID = N11AP (Ask your teacher if you are a student)
User ID = 15 (date) 11 (month) 93 (year) MC (initials e.g. Morgan Cunningham )
After you have to put it all together = 151193mc So thats your User ID.
Your password is the same as your User ID but after you will have to change your password after logged in because anyone can change your password and do silly things on your account if they know your date of birth and initials. SO BE AWARE! Change your password as soon as you’ve logged on.
Good Poster!
Good Poster!

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