MIND HAS AWESOME POTENTIAL (Do they know who created it?)

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MIND HAS AWESOME POTENTIAL (Do they know who created it?)

Post by Jibrail on Wed Nov 28, 2007 2:38 pm

As we can all see, human have relised that the brain is a powerfull tool. With this system we can create and invent stuff (Technology), but they dont know how we remember and forget (how long have phsycaitrist been studying about it?) it will take 100's of years for someone to find out how a very advanced technology (mechanism) actually works, specailly if they are not the ones who created it, infact they will never know!

Allah has the knowledge, and its very easy for him!

Now a days, we create games (graphics). "We would be impressed by looking at the graphics!"
Most of us dont realise, but look at the graphics of this life, the artistic function! Look at the game we are playing! Its beyond imagination.

"A beggining always has an end. There is a beggining to this game, but there is also an end!"

Secret to Attracting With Your Mind

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